2. Dallas Run Clinic - Straight Line to Success

Business is never a straight line to success. Well, almost never. Steve White of Dallas Run Clinic did a whole lot of the right things from day 1.
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Hello everybody this is Justin Shelley CEO of Master Computing in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro coming to you with episode 2 of DFW Rockstars. This one is personal.  
First, we’re going to talk about why I call it DFW Rockstars. This is about overcoming, talking to people who have delt with significant challenges in their lives, have had levels of success, and telling their story. Sharing how it is they overcome and how it is they achieve greatness. That is the theme of DFW Rockstars podcast. 
In business we talk a lot about how there is no straight line to success.  My guest here today might prove that theory wrong just a little bit. In fact, he is the best example of ‘straight line to success’ so far.  
2:10 Justin shares a powerful background story to start us off. It speaks to why running is so awesome because it’s all about proving to yourself you can do things that you didn’t think you could do. He talks about moments in early childhood that crushed him. And lead to this belief system early on in life, that he couldn’t do things... 
4:40 - The turning point to this belief system he had: I decided that I was going to run distance. I got to the point to where I could run a 5K.  I instantly started thinking “What’s next?” so I kept running, I completed a 10k, 15k, 20k, and kept thinking “Okay, what’s next?”  
Huge goal of Justin’s: I want to qualify for Boston that’s a huge goal. Meaning it is very out of reach right now.  I knew this was never going to be an option for me if I couldn’t stop getting injured. So, I grabbed myself a physical therapist. Now that’s where I introduce today’s guest.  
8:00 Justin introduces his physical therapist and guest on this episode. Steve White of Dallas Run Clinic.  How I found out about Steve is by googling “Physical Theripist Running Dallas” and Steve was the first one to show up.  
Do you do remote, if people are not in the DFW metro? 
  • The PT work I can do anyone in the state of Texas 
  • In terms of performance coaching, I can do anyone in the US or world. 
How to get in touch with Steve: Email, phone number, form submission. 
YouTube Channel: dallasrunclinic  
Steve talks about the resources on his YouTube Channel. He has all the exercises that he uses for Rehab and performance coaching. Check out these FREE resources!  
15:30 Justin shares how one thing that drives him crazy about Facebook groups and running communities is people are constantly asking for advice for injuries....  Steve, in 30 seconds, why should you NOT go to Facebook or reedit to diagnose injuries?  
  • You have to know your source and where this info is coming from. They are just sharing advice on what worked for them.  
Justin ran 5 marathons with improperly diagnosed  
I ran 5 marathons with an improperly diagnosed injury. I highly recommend going to a SPECIALIST for whatever your sport / activity is.  
One of the things that really stood out to me about your business is, #1 is your specialty, you went straight to this specialized version of physical therapy. This is one of the things you did right from day 1.   
18:00Tell me a little bit about the name of your business, why that matters, how you set this up and where you learned it. 
  • Name: Dallas Run Clinic  
  • He wanted the name of this business to portray that it was more about PT but very specific. Niche specialty.  
19:45 - My point: I googled “Dallas Run Physical Therapy” and you are the 1st one that shows up. Then we’ve got Facebook and more Facebook. The name of the business matters, the fact that you dialed it in to this niche market matters. 
20:45 - Let's talk a little bit about business (pretend we are living under normal circumstances) and running a business.  
23:55 - Tell me about the single most challenging thing you’ve had to face as a business owner 
  • Steve: Personally, being a one-man operation, I think it’s hard not having anyone to turn to and ask advice, questions, and make some of these day-to-day operations. I think sometimes, I guess it’s almost like some kind of endurance race. At the end of the day, you’re in it and you’ve got to get to that finish line or endure whatever is in the way. All kind of by yourself.  
  • So I’d say the hardest part of it is being in it alone, but in some ways that has perks as well.  
25:55 - I agree, that lonely is a really good way of describing that.  So, what have you done to power through or overcome this? 
If there’s anyone out there contemplating starting a business, what are some tips you have for them Steve? 
30:00 Steve shares some tips for dialing in your vision, marketing, strategy, stuff like that: 
  • On a basic level, stay on brand. 
  • Venn diagram your set of individual skills (I.e. physical therapy) blending with something you're passionate about (I.e. running) then find that center of the Venn diagram to focus on. And don’t get distracted by the other things.  
34:45 - Justin asks Steve to tell us what an avatar is and describe his avatars by name: 
  • An avatar is creating your ideal customer, naming them, detailing all these qualities 
  • Steves avatar: Rachel & Conner  
Rachel ran competitively then got into the working world and became a consultant and   
Conor was an attorney age was low 40s 
  • The whole idea is who do I want to work with and who would be a good fit for my brand /my niche. Truly get inside your customer, your target audience. 
38:00 - I’ve talked about my own experience early in life, I’ve realized that I have to believe in myself but also recognize my limitations. When I hired you as a coach and PT I was looking forward at a goal. What are the things that are going to prevent me from running the Boston marathon?  
41:00 Parting message to the audience 
When I hired you, I was looking to remove these obstacles. I feel like a lot of us live below our skillset potential abilities.  
Justin’s advice: set high targets, get serious about what you want out of life, get serious about these, then look at the things that are going to get in the way. That is what I did when I hired you, Steve. 
Steve’s Advice: I went in on this business thing alone, looking back I think just having a coach is invaluable. If you want something, go for it. Go make it happen because there is no time like the present.  We don’t know what the future holds, so don’t hold back.  
Go visit Dallas Run Clinic, contact page, go to YouTube page steal some of that free content.  
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